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Improve your Organisation with Health and Safety Training

Occupational health and safety is core to the successful long-term sustainability of any business. In South Africa, health and safety is a legislatively compliant criterion, enforced by the OHS Act 85 of 1993 and the Department of Labour.

At Discover Safety we are mindful that health and safety is often viewed as a daunting subject. However, it is imperative for everyone to understand safety risks and how to manage them. Our intention is to provide you with the adequate health and safety training so that you can effectively implement the correct measures, whether it is in your workplace or at home.

At Discover Safety, we provide assistance from health and safety consultation and trained specialists, who are able to advise on health and safety, and any other related matter. We review any existing health and safety measures and provide advice on a tailor-made solution to suit your environment or organisation, assisting you in reaching your health and safety objectives.

Our solution is structured around H&S training, equipment supply and implementing a practical and effective health and safety management solution. Contact us for comprehensive health and safety training in South Africa.

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